Vancouver Strength Collective offers a number of accessible fitness and martial arts classes. The schedule is below, but to stay up to date with changes please refer to our facebook group here.

All classes listed here are offered on the basis of suggested a 15 dollar contribution, or a monthly 100 dollar subscription for all classes. It is VSC’s policy to never turn away folks based on their financial circumstances, so we invite students to contribute what they can, when they can.

Monday– 5:30 – Decolonization and Deadlifts
Tuesday- 12:30- Strong and Supple
Wednesday-5:30- Bars and Bells,
Thursday- 12:30- Strong and Supple 5:30 – Decolonization and Deadlifts
Friday– 5:30 – Kunst De Funkeln
Saturday– 9am- Mindful Movement, 10am- Bars and Bells

Class descriptions
Decolonization and Deadlifts: Learn to deadlift and support All My Relations basketball team training!

Bells and Bars: A strength and conditioning class using bars and kettle bells that focuses on traditional weightlifting

Mindful Movement: A movement class and mindfulness class rolled into one that focuses on skills development and body awareness! Tumbling, headstands and games

Strong and Supple – One action-packed hour designed to make you stronger and more limber with an emphasis on having fun! High-fiving will occur.

Kunst De Funkeln – Our German Medieval Martial arts study group. Come learn historical swordfighting and wrestling