Below are the profiles of our coaches and teachers. Each coach is available for private training, which you can book by contacting them through their own coaching services listed with their profiles.

Conlan Mansfield, VSC director and Owner of Feral Strength

Conlan was born in Vancouver and has spent his life living and working across the Pacific Northwest. Thanks to an opportunity to study traditional Chinese martial arts as teen, Conlan was able to narrowly avoid a life of great suffering. He now uses the power of movement to build relationships and strengthen communities across unceded British Columbia.

He is co-founder of Vancouver Strength Collective, where he helps create an environment of personal empowerment for students and coaches alike. 

You can learn more about Conlan’s work at

Jon Mills, VSC Director and owner of Black Dog Strength and Nutrition

Jon is a Certified Kettlebell Teacher level 1 with the IKFF, a Precision Nutrition level one coach, and a certified Qigong instructor with Long White Cloud Qigong as well as a martial arts and self defense instructor with a background in Historical European and Filipino martial arts. He primarily works with queer and trans folks.

Jon believes that fitness and martial arts should be accessible to all people and that ultimately, community is what matters most.

He was inspired to create an intentional community like VSC due to his experiences in fitness and martial arts, where he often found his peers to be prejudiced, toxic, and even predatory, and after leaving one too many studios due to their failure to be held accountable decided that he was done working for others.

He is proud to lead the Queer and Trans open gym, and to teach VSC’s Community Self Defense program.

You can find out more at

Jenn Farrell, Director and Owner Witness The Fitness

Jenn Farrell became a personal trainer at age forty, after ten years of desk-bondage as a fiction writer left her feeling depressed and sore. Since discovering the joys of training, she has been a two-time Spartan racer, FemSport competitor, national-level Bikini competitor in the 45+ category, acro-yoga dabbler, and all-around movement enthusiast. She is also a Zumba and group fitness instructor, public speaker, and health and fitness writer. In her coaching practice, she pulls from a variety of disciplines to help folks move better, get stronger, and feel more present and joyful in their bodies. She loves training feminist nerds and helping women become as physically strong as they are intelligent.

You can find out more at

Brian Carew, Carew Movement

BRIAN CAREW is a Movement Instructor and 700hr RYT passionate about discovering the layers of the body’s vast movement potential. He believes that each of us has the ability to unlock precision, depth, and self-awareness through exploring the landscapes of the moving human body. Brian combines his training in yoga, bodyweight training, and general movement locomotion to create a genuine experience of self-discovery, empowerment, and joy for his students in a safe and balanced environment. Brian emphasizes balance, strength, mobility, and a sense of curiosity in his teachings and practice. 


  • Yoga (vinyasa, hatha, arm-balances, inversions)
  • Bodyweight Strength Training 
  • Movement Exploration (transitions, skills, dynamic flow, animal locomotion

You can find him on instagram at Carew Movement