VSC strives to cultivate a body-positive & inclusive training environment, affirming the dignity of those we serve, regardless of heritage, education, beliefs, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental health, physical or cognitive capabilities, or socio-economic status.

All patrons entering our school must sign-in & consent to our safety waiver.

Our school is a harassment, racism, homophobia, fascism, sexism and transphobia free space.

Everyone should endeavour to be clean and avoid wearing heavy scents.

If you arrive early or stick around after, please be respectful of what’s happening around you.

Coaches are expected to behave in a professional manner at all times.

Music must be kept to a level that is agreeable to all coaches & athletes.

Respect other people’s boundaries and be explicit about your own.

Please do not distract coaches when they are working with their athletes.

All benches, mats, etc. must be wiped down after usage.
Cleaning wipes + paper towels are provided.

All partner exercises are done based on explicit consent.

All weights & equipment must be put away after usage.

Respect other people’s beliefs when in the space.

No non-consensual physical contact. Please be explicit when asking for consent to touch another patron’s body.

No outdoor shoes on the mats.

No drugs or alcohol. 

Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. 
You must abide by these rules or you will be asked to leave.