VSC was founded on the belief that physical fitness & martial arts can change lives. Our goal is to create a grassroots platform that enables us to leverage shared power & solidarity in service of our community while creating a beautiful training space that welcomes all beings and bodies.

Our students truly change lives while changing their own: we fund 90% of all operational & capital costs through our services, the remainder of which comes from the kindness and goodwill of our donors.

If you support our work and would like to make a donation to our programs, please do so here. We’re very grateful for your support.

We operate the following initiatives to support our DTES & Chinatown community:

– Sponsored gym memberships, private/small-group training sessions, and reduced personal training rates for community members in need, prioritizing Indigenous students in need.

– Sponsorship of the All My Relations basketball team for training & mentorship.

– Sponsored spaces in all of our workshops and courses, including both full and partial scholarships.

– Want to come to class and can’t pay the full fee? Message us here & we’ll make it pay-what-you can.

All initiatives are subject to availability of services. Preference is given to those referred by our advisors or an existing member at our gym. Please note that we have a waitlist for sponsored gym memberships & sponsored training sessions.

Our work by the numbers:


Dollar-value donation amount:

Sponsored training sessions:

Workshop scholarships:

2019 Total

Dollar-value donation amount:

Sponsored training sessions:

Workshop scholarships:

Please note that the dignity and inherent rights of the marginalized youth we serve remain more important to us than reporting all data, and as such we omit certain data from collection and publication. This includes data on our “pay what you can” policy for classes, personal stories of our youth, or data on the impact of our programs on factors such as suicide prevention.

While we are confident that our programs create a positive impact in the lives of our students – as they so often share with us – there will never be any grants or donations that make it worth betraying the trust of the youth who call our gym home.

Youth train with us for free, without the expectation of an invasive survey that treats them as if they were a nameless “at risk” demographic.

Clients who train at our gym are privy to this information by virtue of the strong & lasting bonds they form with our youth, who choose to disclose information with our clients as they see fit.

We appreciate your understanding.