Vancouver Strength Collective offers workshops & courses on specialized topics in health, fitness, self-defence, and martial arts.

Our workshops & courses are a great opportunity to study directly with a subject expert in our community, exploring topics seminar-style with a group of likeminded students.

All workshops & series have their own pricing, payment links, and policies. Please see information below for more details.

Events will also be listed on our Facebook page & Instagram. Please note that confirming attendance on a Facebook event or Instagram post does not guarantee attendance; you must register for the course and submit payment to confirm your spot.

To register, please find the appropriate links below.

Women’s Weightlifting 101:

A course for women (cis and trans alike!), femmes, and all non-binary friends!

Discover the fundamentals of barbell-based weight training in an encouraging group led by an experienced personal trainer.

What you’ll learn:
-The classic lifts: deadlift, squat, and bench press
-Other lifts and variations for a well-rounded training program
-Effective warm-ups for lifting and post-workout mobility moves
-Form and safety tips to minimize risk of injury and address common issues

No experience required! We’ll offer modifications and variations to meet you where you are. In six weeks, you’ll feel stronger, more capable, and supported in your fitness goals.

Current Women’s Weightlifting 101 courses:

January 9th – February 13th 2020 – SOLD OUT

Please contact Jenn Farrell at for more information on upcoming courses & to reserve your spot in the next course.

Self-Defence 101:

What is self-defence?

In this 3-hour workshop we’ll explore that question from a variety of perspectives, going beyond physical techniques & helping participants craft a personal plan to keep themselves safe.

When many think of self-defence, they think of the physical: punches, kicks, chokes, and defences against wrist grabs, bear hugs, or other attempted assaults.

While physical techniques are certainly important, we contend that “self-defence” encompasses a variety of strategies that begin far before physical force is necessary.

Strategies that include setting boundaries, recognizing emerging threats, avoiding violence, an understanding of the law, and more – forming a cohesive strategy to defend the entire “self”.

In this workshop, we’ll explore:

– Types of violence, including the difference between crime & interpersonal violence;
– An understanding of the law & your legal rights to self defence;
– Tactical movement, positioning, and spatial awareness;
– Verbal de-escalation & dialogue strategies;
– A variety of easy-to-remember physical techniques;

Participants will take home printed lecture notes & a template for crafting their personal safety plan.

100% of the proceeds from this workshop will be donated to our fundraiser for women’s self-defence equipment:

Register for this workshop here: Facebook event & Paypal link

Please contact Conlan Mansfield at for more information on this workshop & to reserve your spot.

Workshop Policies:

  • Payment in full, received through our PayPal link, secures and confirms your registration.
  • Please note that while the gym is usually otherwise unoccupied during the times a course runs, we cannot always guarantee a private environment.
  • Subsidized spaces are always available in our workshops. They will be listed as such when registration goes live. Preference is given to BIPOC community members in need. Please contact the course instructor directly for more information.